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Healing water

The water is a great teacher in letting go & practicing your yin – soft and feminine qualities: Of being receptive, gracefully awaiting, open and flowing with the tides. Like the time we were in our mother’s womb: We did not worry about anything, nor did we need to control anything. And yet, everything worked out for us. 

The water can bring us back to this innate and most natural state of trust. 

Immersed in the body-temperature warm water, being held, supported, taken care of – the only job here is actually the most difficult one, the one to let go. The mind can never really let go – but it can be guided by our heart – gently. 

"And her heart finally told her to let it all go..

1* Every journey in & under water starts with a moment of quiet – arriving in the moment. Setting the intention: Surrendering the how of it becoming reality.

The reason why I love the water work, is simple: As space holder, I am blessed with just as much healing, rejuvenation and purification as the receiver. The most important task is always, to synchronize my own breathing and movement with the client’s breath. Being fully present with another human being. Creating a safe space.

Letting go is usually a process. Gradually feeling safe enough to loosen up tensions, muscular and emotional constrictions, which eventually will free up our breath. A process working on body, mind and soul.

The water is beautifully assisting in this process and one of the most effective tools to work with. Though, the word “working” towards anything in a water healing session is misleading. The real work is to surrender. 

How a water healing session unfolds ..

1-2 hours before attending a session avoid eating or drinking bigger amounts of water. Make sure you are healthy – have no scratches or wounds, nor ear infection. There will be a short briefing and explanation of contra-indications also upon arranging time & date.

As the entire floating session is held in pure silence, we will clarify the procedure and any questions, before we start to float. If you wish to be floated also under water in the second half of the session, we will practice together the specific breathing pattern & signals for that. You will be assisted by a nose clip, so no water can enter your throat, while being unter water; as well as a few floats around your shins or thighs.

2* In the beginning, it is important to connect with the water and one’s own breath. The first third of the session is always on the water – being floated, stretched, gently massaged and held space for. 

Meditative movements in the warm water invite you to drop in and drift off into other dimensions. Experience gravity-free moments in the water.

3* After some time, the nose clip will be handed and we start with a few very short and shallow dips. Followed by deeper dives, like shown in the video (this particular scene showing a mobilization of neck and shoulder under water). 

By exhaling, “making bubbles” into the water, you can signal any time to come up, but ideally it will all happen perfectly timed for you.

4* As you get more and more comfortable, the body starts automatically to slow down heart rate and breath – giving you a longer window to be under water without needing fresh air. 

5* After removing the nose clip, it is time for integration. Some times experiencing an emotional release or pure stillness. 

And the beauty of it all is that, not one single word is needed – no rational analysis or explanation – you can allow any inner shift just to happen for you. 

6* Ending the session, the feet connected back on earth, with a little massage. Taking plenty of time to come back slowly, slowly. 

The session is complete. If you wish, you can share and voice out some of your insights or just keep the peace and quiet of the session. 


How much “healing” during a session happens, is up to the mystery of this life. There is always a component of divine timing & way that things are supposed to happen. 

Also, there is the question of what healing really is?! Since it is a term with so many connotations and concepts around it. All I can share here, is that for me over the years, it has simplified to the following

“Healing is our most innate state of health, balance and well-being that at times we deviate from. Being healed is a return to our natural state of wholeness. As I see it, no-one is really being healed or the healer in this setting. All we do, is to co-create a sacred space, fortified with a specific intention and quality. The rest happens, as it is supposed to..

* Special credits and thanks go to Melisa Forero for creating the video content – Sandra Blex for modeling & having shared some part of the path on our water healing journey – Jungle Fish in Ubud Bali, for the beautiful infinity pool & venue.

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