Sharing moments of pure presence

Combining Western psychology with the wisdom of Eastern healing practices and the beauty of music & art

Now is where the magic of life unfolds. Only, when we are truly present, healing and inner change happen.

Born in Germany and now based in Bali, I am creating music, teaching yoga & meditation, as well as offering my unique blend of coaching and healing modalities – working online, in person, 1:1 and in retreat settings.

Using the most effective tools for you to arrive in the here and now – whole and complete.

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“Choose what makes your heart bloom ! 

Hanna 2020-Dean Raphael-12

A 21 day online journey to dive deep into your hearts desires & blossom from inside out.

Taking first steps & actions to nurture the seeds of your dreams with the tools of chanting mantra, music & meditation.

Join me on this life transformative journey: Creating rituals, spaces to reflect & time to journal. Learning self-empowering tools & practices to be your own guide  and teacher.

Join a retreat that is as unique as you are!

Apply now for your own retreat! Tailored to your needs and especially organized for you and/or your friends. For more inspiration for destinations and concepts, have a look here…

What I do & why I do it ...

Years ago, I had the dream to find alternative ways to support & empower others in their healing process. A way that is effective and yet also enjoyable & inspiring.

From my own experience, I know that embracing inner & outer change is not a one off situation, but a way of navigating through life.

My goal is to support you, empower you and share those practices, tools & insights that really work and are easy to apply yourself. 

A big part of this, is to go to the bottom of things – to shift something deeper inside. Transmuting all resistance into the fuel for real change.

Over the years, I have worked with so many different clients, in many different countries. My number one priority is to tailor my approach to the current need. Working not only holistically in terms of body, mind & soul – but also considering all the different building blocks & areas of life.

The modalities..


This is an intuitive, meditative and yet playful space to explore and expand your voice. Cultivating the art of feeling the sound and fine-tuning your ability to be on pitch, as well as to sing very much from the heart. Building on 

As singing is not only linked to our musical skills, but oftentimes reflects our feelings & believes we hold, we will also use the basic theta healing work to soothe the subconscious mind and set your voice free effortlessly. Connecting with the healing power of the voice for yourself and eventually for others, as you learn how to express and transmute emotions and inner states through sound. 



Yoga and meditation is my daily medicine. Adjusting intensity, style and routine to the different cycles in life. In this way I also teach very much dependent on the needs & state of my students.

Focussing to support physical, mental & emotional health and well-being. Using the traditional ashtanga (Mysore) method as much as more gentle hatha or yin yoga. Meditation classes or retreats will give you a glimpse into the traditional Vipassana and Buddhist practices, walking practices, sound & chanting meditations and time in silence.


The modality of Theta Healing ® makes it available to look into and change the subconscious: To reprogram not only the believes that aren’t serving, but also re-connect them in a way that these changes are lasting and accepted by your system. 

In a healing package we prepare you through a sequence of sessions and follow-up calls to incorporate the inner changes made in daily habits and actions. Leading up to an intuitive family constellation, understanding and moving beyond ancestral patterns in your present life. 


All sound & song healing session open up a space for you to receive. Infusing the session with the healing frequencies of reiki and theta, you get to meditate and/ or lay down to unwind body, mind and soul and let the music do its magic. Receiving the soothing vibrations of Tibetan bowls, chimes, mantras and a variety of instruments. Allowing the songs to resonate deeper than within the mind and being open to releasing inner tension or stuck physical energy.


Water itself offers the Yin quality in healing – through the softness and purity of this element our  beings get restored. The water heated to body temperature offers a womb-like feeling.

During a therapeutic water healing session, you get to surrender – being held, gently massaged and moved in the warm water. Free from gravity, in the quiet & peace on and under the water.


Derived from Native American shamanic traditions and alchemistic research, I share rituals & ceremonies using cacao, music, silence & the power of the spoken wordLike in the ancient times, all with the purpose of re-connecting oneself with our true nature. Opening the heart  to receive wisdom & clarity. 

Upon request you can receive also a distant water purification and activation code from Bali straight to your home. 

"From the beginning I felt a sense of trust in Hanna. Result were not long in coming: She quickly succeeded in noticeably weakening the impact of deep rooted negative beliefs. She has the talent, to speak exactly into what deep inside burdened me."
Nadine S.
- 2017 Darmstadt, Germany

'Life is music.
That is why our hearts have beats.'

Tiny desk remake concert @Helicon Sound Lab

"Devocean - Live recordings" - the latest album

Land of Hope @ Usada, Bali 2020

All we have is NOW

- let's fully experience each glorious moment