Sharing moments of pure presence

Combining Western psychology with the wisdom of Eastern healing practices and the beauty of music, art & water work

Now is where the magic of life unfolds. Only, when we are truly present, healing and inner change happen.

Born in Germany and now based in Bali, I am creating music, teaching yoga & meditation, as well as offering my unique blend of coaching and healing modalities – working online, in person, 1:1 and in retreat settings.

Using the most effective tools for you to arrive in the here and now – whole and complete.


Upcoming Magical Retreats

Welcome to this beautiful opportunity to dedicate 10 days to clean up our bodies, our mind and emotions & our very perspective on life. A time of ultimate self care and coming back into balance, while being surrounded by Bali’s stunning nature and immersed in a daily in depth yoga practice.

CLARITY is a 1:1 mentoring program to release, renew and reset yourself and your life over a 7 month period.

This offering is for anybody who is looking for a longer term journey to really dive deep & create real change in your life by looking at your inner world.

Meeting in person &/ or online via bi-weekly calls for check-in’s, counseling and also theta healing sessions to clean out the old baggage and fine tune your perspectives.

Hanna will help you to look at life from a different angle and gain not only clarity but also more confidence in understanding challenges in life that arise and how to address them.

As above so below.
As within so without. 

           – Hermetic Principle

Hanna has amazing intuition and skills that allow her to dive deep and get to the core of matters. During theta sessions, she has guided me into my own heart and mind in order to see myself clearly and lovingly.
With her guidance, I am able to apply a sort of “reprogramming” to places that were out of alignment due to past traumas and experiences. It is truly impressive seeing the outward results of those internal adjustments in my relationships, my release of anxious feelings, and my increased sense of self.

What I do & why I do it ...

Years ago, I had the dream to find alternative ways to support & empower others in their healing process. A way that is effective and yet also enjoyable & inspiring.

From my own experience, I know that embracing inner & outer change is not a one off situation, but a way of navigating through life.

My goal is to support you, empower you and share those practices, tools & insights that really work and are easy to apply yourself. 

A big part of this, is to go to the bottom of things – to shift something deeper inside. Transmuting all resistance into the fuel for real change.

Over the years, I have worked with so many different clients, in many different countries. My number one priority is to tailor my approach to the current need. Working not only holistically in terms of body, mind & soul – but also considering all the different building blocks & areas of life.

Book your session with Hanna...

A 7 week inner healing journey through the voice

In this 7 week 1:1 program we work towards more self love and appreciation for our voice and ourselves. Entering a space to explore and set our true expression free. 

We’ll work for 7 weeks our way through the chakras and realign the different emotional, mental and energetic components to unlock our ability to express, sing – but also to listen and feel. 

In person or online, you’ll receive 7 vocal sessions of 60 mins plus one extra 75 mins theta healing session around session no.3 

333 Euro per package/ 50 Euro single class 

YOGA & MEDITATION - embodied movement and mindfulness

Practicing yoga and meditation is about balance. Balancing strength & softness, logic & intuition as well as action & being. 

Her knowledge of 10+ years of Ashtanga yoga (mysore style & led classes), Yin and Hatha flow, as well as extensive time in meditation & silence bring diversity and depth to her teachings. 

Join online classes every Saturday – 18 Euro a drop in or 15 Euro for a 10 x pass 

Classes held in German and English language

FITNESS, PILATES & AERIAL - gaining strength and confidence in a playful way


Hanna offers also her spin on fitness, pilates and aerial practices, which focus more on the strength and endurance aspect. 

Knowing that from a holistic perspective, the body needs to address its weaknesses, just as much as we need to look into them on a mental & emotional level.

Get started, step by step, gaining not only more energy but also confidence and seeing your body transform as a reflection of your inner transformation. 

Private classes start from 33 Euro per 45 mins online


surrendering to the feminine healing powers of the water element

Water as an element nourishes the body, purifies & ultimately sustains all life. Working with water in a healing session, invokes the YIN qualities in ourselves – slowing down, relaxing, deeply letting go.

In a watsu session the pool gets heated to body temperature – offering a womb-like feeling. Free from gravity, you’re being floated in the quiet of the water – on the surface as well as under water. Watsu and water dance sessions use a mix of shiatsu, physiotherapy, yoga and pure presence. A unique blend to drop into pure presence & bliss.

POA depending the pool rental fees

Lightening up in our energy field and seeing the world anew

The modality of Theta Healing ® makes it possible to upgrade the way we think, feel & act. In the brainwave of theta you can effortlessly release former emotional charges or traumatic responses.

As part of an individual Healing Package, you get to have subsequent theta sessions and follow up calls to implement new routines & ways of being in your life. Leading up to an intuitive 1:1 family soul constellation; understanding and moving beyond ancestral patterns.

108 Euro per session of 75-90 mins

- inviting serenity & harmony into your house and hearts

Private concerts or cacao ceremonies with Hanna & Evan on guitar can be booked in person or online. 

Immersing yourself with calm and serene music to sing and hum along, reflect and charge your batteries. Using the medicine of the music &/or cacao to open the heart and soften from deep inside. Remembering all the beauty around through a ritual of being present together as we sing.

The original compositions of Hanna & Evan add a new feeling to mantras and songs you may know already. And feel free to request your favourite songs.

Price starts from 133 Euro depending group size and setting per 90 mins music 

Join a retreat that is as unique as you are!

Apply now for your personalized retreat! Tailored to your needs and especially organized for you and/or your friends. For more inspiration for destinations and concepts, have a look here…

"I have been having beautiful yoga sessions with Hanna. 
She has lots of experience in different yoga types, bodywork and other healing modalities which allows her to tune in and provide a custom offering perfectly suitable for your needs. 
Her classes can be very gentle yet they allow you to choose to push your limits and see new possibilities."
Anna K. (2023)
- Latvian - living in Bali

'Life is music -
That is why our hearts have beats.'

Tiny desk remake concert @Helicon Sound Lab

Land of Hope @ Usada, Bali 2020

Living fully in the HERE and NOW

- ever changing - ever growing - ever shining