A retreat that is as unique, as you are!

Each retreat is an opportunity to feel alive and be present.

It is also invitation to step into a space of magic & miracles, where things can shift & change. From a distant, being able to take inventory of your life, to see what is truly working and what isn’t. Inviting in clarity & allowing insights, a deeper knowing, to bubble up to the surface.

It is my passion to design your personal retreat – may it be 1:1 or in a group setting, online or meeting in person some place on this beautiful planet. Just share your idea with me & I will craft your personal retreat. Meanwhile, have a look at the possible retreat elements & modalities. Envisioning your ideal retreat schedule & outcome.

PURIFY RETREAT Easter 2025 & private Retreat options aka request your own timeline

With the PURIFY Retreat Hanna invites you to asses your life, your body, mind & emotions and cleanse out all that weighs you down, anything which is not in your best interest, supporting your health. 

10 days to experience purification as a lifestyle and way of living and practicing yoga. Holistically approaching an inner and outer cleansing process that will bring more lightness, ease and simplicity to your body, mind and your emotions. Deep, gentle, even joyful and profound. Inspired by Bali’s ancient rituals of purification, we will also participate in some of the local rituals, accompanied by priests and Balinese healers.

‘You, the incarnated soul, are like a ballon.
Throw away the weights of impurities and you will be able to fly upwards’

'Purify me inside out' - Retreat
19.4.25 - 28.4.25

 Day 1: Our retreat starts between 2-3 pm with a meet and greet in our private and stunning villa in Ubud, overlooking the jungle with a beautiful infinity pool. After our warm welcome and orientation tour, we dive into a first yoga practice and open the magic retreat ‘container’ with a local ritual – honouring the land and local rituals and also opening our retreat container in a meaningful way

From Day 2 onwards: Starting every morning in silence at 7 am with meditation, chanting and pranayama practices, followed by a 90 – 120 mins Ashtanga based yoga practice instructed by Hanna with one rest day in the middle of the week. Bringing in elements of fitness, pilates and other movement practices to make our bodies more versatile and purifying our lungs with every breath we take.

Adding in Ayurvedic health rituals and detoxifying herbs to our pre yoga morning routine, as we move through the retreat. Detoxifing the body with integrity, without overwhelming the system. 

Afternoon workshops vary from asana labs, to yin & yang flows, sound healings & deep relaxation practices with elements of reiki as well as a walk in the rice fields and times in meditation with mantra and cacao. 

Note: The retreat will have maximum 8 participants and in case there is less than 4 participants, the afternoon workshops will take place only every second day.


Our ‘break-fasts’ will offer a variety of locals fruits, spirulina or moringa smoothie bowls, oats & seeds, eggs & gluten-free bread, homemade jams and a special treat of the day.  

Lunches are kept light with Miso Soup. Evening meals are optional: 

A) you may want to fast on some days *which we will discuss & decide before the start of the week 

B) we will order in food or all together go out, exploring Ubud’s vast field of health restaurants (*everyone will pay for their evening meal, which cost on average between 50k – 150k / 4-9 Euro per dish plus transfers of around 5 Euro per ‘ride into town’ with a car).


From 11am – 4pm you can rest & enjoy the private infinity pool or receive one of your package (add on) treatments. 

Everyone has 2x 60 mins Balinese Healing massages included, as well as one visit in the infrared sauna overlooking the jungle. 

On one day, we will venture out to one of Bali’s hidden water purification temples. Guided by an experienced local priest to walk us through the clearing ritual. A breathtaking experience for all nature lovers. And noticeable cleansing effects of our state of inner & outer purity. 

For two days we will change scenery – located about an hour north west from Ubud, we will arrive to an Eco Glamping Center overlooking a remote valley & river. Practicing yoga, exploring the waterfall close by the accommodation and enjoying our night time bonfires. 

Completing our 10 days/ 9 nights retreat with a closing yoga practice and sharing circle at our initial venue on our last morning. Getting ready for whatever is next…

1551 Euro 
         ( 951 Euro – payment direct to a third party accommodation & tour organiser
                 for 9 nights accommodation in shared room & breakfasts, transfers, treatments. excursions as specified above
          + 600 Euro – payment direct to hanna hereandnow
                            for all yoga classes and pre/ post retreat calls. )
Single room supplements will be around 17 Euro a day. 
‘Bring a friend’ and both get an extra massage included – cause sharing is caring 
     >> Please note: Hanna hereandnow is only liable for the conduction of the yoga classes and retreat content. Unfortunately, there is no refunds possible – but in case you are unable to join, you can find a replacement for yourself.
– start from 1991 Euro – half board included
– 2341 Euro – full board and several excursions, sound experiences & daily massages included
POA depending your specific wishes and requirements

Decisions determine destiny...

 – which choice is yours in this moment?

Adding a healing package to your retreat for a magical experience..

for an additional 171 Euro 


This retreat is designed to offer you the space and support to deeply cleanse. 


Cleansing the emotional body from inside out through the yoga practices, herbs, clean diet and also 2 additional 45 mins massages targeting the belly and/ or neck, shoulder and feet – areas of our bodies that tend to store old emotions.



The theta healing treatment works complementary on the subconscious mind. Clearing out old beliefs, traumas or fears that usually also impact our bodies in the way we feel. The session will be completed with a 30 mins reiki treatment for integration and relaxation.  



 for an additional 171 Euro


Our bodies are our homes for all our lives. Let’s treat it well and pamper yourself. You can choose from the following 2 options:



1a) Receive a 90 min Ayurvedic Oil treatment. Being massaged and treated with warm oil all around the body. A truly unique experience that will leave your skin soft as a baby. 


1b) Enjoy a deep tissue Bali massage followed by a ‘boreh scrub’ ( 2h in total which is a Balinese herbal scrub made from 42 local healing herbs) & a steam sauna to allow the herbs to penetrate the toxins in your skin. Also you may choose between a pedicure/ manicure or a facial treatment. 


and enjoy 




 7 days of Infrared sauna sessions will help you detoxify on a deep physical level and leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Sessions will be 2x 15 mins for the first 4-5 days then 2x 20mins. Enjoy the villas spa space overlooking the jungle and being surrounded by the lush greenery of Ubud.







PRICE on request, depending your selection of trips and tours


The following are options and half day tours that you may book as add on to our retreat schedule. We will have approximately 4 days that you can fill with as little or much adventure and culture as you wish. 


PLEASE NOTE: Most tours require a minimum of 2-3 participants and are recommended to book ahead of time and prices range from as little as 8 Euro to 25 or 40 Euro depending the length of activity:


– Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking       

– Ubud River Rafting     

(*highly recommend this one, super pretty and Bali’s rivers aren’t too rough)

– Traditional Batik / Cloth painting course (3-5 hours)

– Pottering or Jewellery making class 

– Traditional Cooking class

– Best of Ubud tour (for example Goa Gajah, Monkey Forest, Shopping, Ubud Palace)

– Rice Terraces, Jungle Swing & Waterfall trip

– Local Kecak Fire Dance 


A day trip to Udara Bali – using their spa facilities, joining a sound healing or aerial workshop, or booking a water dance/ watsu treatment with Hanna

1:1 session in the body temperature pool, floating on the water, being held and allowing the nervous system to reset and recalibrate. Erasing tension from your emotional system. 


Other tours and activities can be organised upon request. Everything is possible in Bali. Just let me know ahead of time and I will let you know, what is the prices and optional dates. 



'Purify my heart' - Add on package to the Easter Retreat 2025 
4 days, 3 nights in nature with a gentle coconut water fasting and cleansing time

Why not extend the joy of being on retreat and diving deep, by literally immersing yourself with Bali’s nature and witnessing the innocence of meeting Bali’s most authentic village areas?

You’ll be staying far away from the touristic sites of Bali, tucked away in jungle (in the north of the island) but close enough to the ocean, to experience not only a different landscape but also a different vibe to the island. We’ll use the down to earth energy to purify our bodies and emotions – fasting with water, coconut water and the local herbal turmeric infusion called Jamu. 

The accommodation will be a simple but very very lovely guest house offering ultimate privacy and on request a vegetarian, healthy dishes prepared by the ladies from the village. Mentioning this, the fasting is an invitation and opportunity – not a must! 

You’ll have lots of time to reflect, be quiet, breathe and be – overlook the beautiful valley and allow your heart to soften. Hanna will guide you through an individualised yoga practice 90 mins per day. The package will take place either before or after the main retreat with around 1-2 days of break in between. 

We’ll be going on a gentle hike through untouched valleys, seeing the island from a locals perspective. Daily yoga classes offering a mix of yin and yang will help you to sweat, detoxify but also to deeply let go. 

Transfers to and from the accommodation are NOT included, but can be organised for you. Cost around 500 ooo IDR / 35 Euro one way per car with max. 4 people sharing. Additional coconuts (or meals if required) are NOT yet included in the price – but will be very affordable. Meaning around 3- 10 Euro a day.


393 EURO 

          222 Euro – payment direct to a third party accommodation & tour organiser

                 for 3 nights accommodation in shared house incl. 1 coconuts a day & Jamu in the morning, pure water unlimited
                 trace minerals and gentle detox teas are provided, plus additional cleansing herbs
                 1 x hiking/walking tour 
         + 171 Euro – payment direct to hanna hereandnow
                            for daily yoga classes and pre retreat call to tailor the practice to your needs and level
 *min. 4 participants, max. 8


Request a personalised Retreat

No matter if you’re a single person, group facilitator wanting to collaborate or a company yearning for a unique experience that deeply impacts you or your employees – we can make it happen. 

Choosing the perfect destination to complement the content of our retreat. All travel organization can be handled by a third party provider, which I can select upon inquiry. The modalities will be chosen carefully to design a retreat schedule that is diverse, appealing & most importantly powerful. This is more than a holiday.

Have a stroll through the blog to get some inspirations and read about concepts of mine on offer.

Past retreats

Africa, Safari AND Yoga - 2019

"I knew such a trip is rare on offer. And it was unique!

Back in June 2019, Marie had booked a one week private retreat in Tansania with yoga, mantra chanting, healing modalities & 3 days of safari. It was a first time collaboration with Mosha climbing tours who tailored the trip especially for the two of us. 

Read all about her retreat here. 

Hanna 2020-Dean Raphael-16

Music & Yoga

"Music is the answer - retreat at home" in collaboration with Sonia Kistner

With a small group of around 6 people we embarked onto a journey from the comfort of our own homes: Meeting at the beautiful Pure, each morning session started with chanting, pranayama & yoga asana. The afternoon workshops varied from a mindfulness walk in the nearby forest to a cacao ceremony & deep relaxation practices.


Silence, Meditation & Reflection

Silent meditation weekend in Bali & Chile 2019

On the quest of cultivating more meaning & presence through a retreat to the inside – staying in silence & learning different approaches to meditation.

In collaboration with the Nomad MBA (now Uprise Academy) and their 3 month special program, I guided three groups of around 30 participants onto a deep dive back to their essence.

You have joined a retreat in the past with me and would like to share your insights?

 Please feel free to submit your testimonial or article to me, so I can add it to the catalogue. No worries, if you’re not comfortable writing in English – I can always translate it for you. You never know, who needs to read your story…