Blossom is a 21 day online journey towards more expression of your true self, your gifts & talents.

It is a life transformational course, consisting of 16 pre-recorded videos, plus further instructions. Combining meditation practices, music & mantra chanting, as well as rituals journalling exercises and life coaching elements.

The intention for this course is for it to be enjoyable, practical, self-empowering & impactful.

How the journey unfolds ...

  • Upon signing in, you will receive immediate access to your 21 day journey – opening up a field of transformation with a 45 mins opening ceremony.
  • Each week offers a 15 mins morning & evening practice plus two 5 mins inspirational videos, which will call for action.  
  • Finishing week 1 and 2 with a special 45 mins yoga & reflection workshop.
  • After planting the seed, allowing it to blossom and plenty of chanting practice time, day 21 rounds this inner journey up with an in depth closing ceremony.  

Week 1

This week is all about preparing the soil to plant a powerful seed. 

Defining self-love, self-worth and putting it into practical steps as we practice self-care.

Week 2

Then it’t time to nurture the seed, the earth in which it is growing & take into account all outside factors.

How do you relate to the outside, your direct environment, nature, work, other people?

Week 3

Time to allow the seed to blossom & grow into its fullest expression. Similar to growing vegetables, we know it will take time till harvest season comes.

Cultivating the muscles of patience & faith. 

Your contribution

108 Euro
155 Euro
262 Euro

including the course & all materials
course & 1x private session (47 Euro instead of 80 Euro)
course & 4x weekly sessions (38,5 Euro per session)

* Start the course any time you wish or register your name on the waiting list with me. Then I can offer you a spot on the next guided round with extra zoom calls & online sharing circles.

What my clients say...

"Classes with Hanna are good for you and make you healthy! And not to be forgotten is her beautiful voice & great singing, which will make her lessons even more perfect.
Marie G.
"Hanna's voice touches & opens hearts - even behind closed doors.

Are you ...

wanting to start or deepen a meditation and/ or chanting practice?

having the sense that another expression of yourself wants to emerge?

wanting some support in how to make changes in your life?  

Ready to start now?


Here are a few commonly asked questions. If your burning question is not listed here, feel free to reach out and send me a mail!

Where was the course recorded? 

Bali is one of the most known places on earth for healing & yoga.

This course has been recorded at the beautiful De Moksha, Boutique Resort & Restaurant, close to Tanah Lot. Surrounded by rice fields and lush palm trees – bringing you a taste of Bali’s relaxing vibes to your home.

I have never meditated. Is this course suitable for me?

Yes! You can always change position and even start sitting on a chair. 

What is a mantra? And what is the chanting about?

A mantra is literally a tool for the mind to rest on. It can be a Sanskrit word, but furthermore it can be any word that you have no strong associations with. 

The chanting offers a way to meditate on a word or sound by repeating the mantra.

Is Om or AUM correct?

In that case, there is no right or wrong – only different approaches and experiences while chanting. 

Where can I find the music?

All songs Hanna shares are how own compositions. Some recorded and released like Lokah Samastah or This Heart.

Find all the links to streaming platforms in or support her directly through the bandcamp page.

I hope to see you shining and blossoming – regardless if you participate in the course or not. But first you’ve got to embark on the trip. I hope to see you there!