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On wisdom..

Thousands of thoughts cross our minds on a daily basis. A great percentage of those thoughts are the ones we have had many times before. In a way, thoughts we literally re-cycle, again and again. 

Also a few fresh and new thoughts dropping in. Some allowing us to see things differently. Others leading us on new journeys – things to do, accomplish, create in the future. 

As I am contemplating what wisdom to me really means, how to define or cultivate it, I can only think of the concept of silence as the fertile ground, which is needed to either speak or receive true wisdom. 

SILENCE seems to be the space in which wisdom appears in. 

Drawing from my own experience, whenever I am silent – not needing to say or teach or prove, nor to provide anything for anybody – a deeper voice within me can arise and be expressed: To write lyrics for a song or share some guidance with clients. Oftentimes, not really knowing what I am going to say until it is said. As I have learned to trust the feeling of being empty. Accepting solutions to arise from a source far beyond my brain. Wisdom to come through me, but never from me. 

'Your potential self is infinite'
(..tea bag wisdom)

True wisdom is so much more than saying the ‘right thing’ or saying something smart. It is way more than sharing facts or logical solutions to problems. (Certainly more than ‘wise’ quotes on tea bags, though some really do provide deeper insights..) 

Wisdom eludes any reality check. It overrides mundane conclusions. I feel, wisdom always offers some outside-the-box-thinking. It can’t be fully grasped nor proven as right or wrong. Only received with an open heart. Listening first and foremost from a space of curiosity and receptivity, before the mind comes in dissecting, analyzing or arguing with it. Totally overlooking the greater whole.

'If WISDOM was a person..

it would never be bothered by the mind. Never try to explain itself. Never defend itself.

It would just be. At peace.
There for all eternity.
Valid for all times - past, present, future.

Wisdom is probably not meant to make sense. I almost feel, it is there to confuse us. And in a weird way, keep us entertained and thinking on our feet. As if at times, some inner ‘shaking up’ would be needed. A wake up call – a moment when we just know (but not really why) – and so we follow or heart’s wisdom. Suddenly we see the obvious. That which is right in front of our nose. The previously invisible path is not only visible, but now also graspable. So we dare to take those unusual, but ultimately interesting, routes & choices in our lives. Embodying wisdom. 

And as with most things in life, it is all about the timing. Wisdom shared before the time is ripe, is nothing more than an additional confusion. Though, it probably can never be too late. It is that which let’s us make sense of what happened, at times even make peace & find acceptance with the past. 

And all I have to close this little piece of contemplation is the following:

‘May true wisdom always stay as mystical and magical. 

Guiding our ways & dropping in, when we least expect it, but most need it.’  

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