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Reflections and what it is all about

Drawing inspiration from other people's paths and sharing your own

In this section of articles, I am inviting you to get inspired – simply receive, read and immerse yourself with projects, modalities, concepts out there that inspire me. 

Or participate by sharing your own story of your experience during a retreat, class or session with me. Feel free to submit an idea or written article. Reflecting on your own path an epiphanies, but maybe also providing insights for others.

Other posts will simply represent and illustrate the modalities and retreat concepts I offer. Taking you on a journey with me to my past travels, telling the ideas behind songs and my music..  

I will also use this section to introduce you to some of my dear friends. With the intention to connect you to other facilitators (in whichever fields they may work) and their heart projects. All of them, I can highly recommend!

The global family of talented beings, who pursue their dharma. People who have inspired me and blessed me. 

Connecting you to creators and healers of the future. Connecting you to a global network if you’d like to have access to that. 

Inter-connectedness A global network

Hanna 2020-Dean Raphael-6

You are part of this (net)work

Don’t be shy! If you feel inspired to write about your personal retreat experience, how a session or class has shifted something inside of you or inside your life – simply send a draft with some pictures to my email address. Submit your article and I will review it.

I can translate the article for you (in case you feel more comfortable writing in German or Spanish), edit it and publish on this page.

You never know, who needs to read YOUR story, who needs to see your perspective and who needs to feel your transformation. 

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